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About Us

Back-Office Solutions is a Canadian-based outsourcing company that strives to lower the cost and increase the efficiency for businesses. We aim to provide quality services to our clients all over the world. Our dynamic and competent team is composed of a mix of individuals who have excellent administrative, social media, technical, operational, and customer service skills. Our employees are screened thoroughly and trained extensively to provide quality services that suit the clients’ business needs. We have helped multiple businesses in streamlining their tasks and processes and achieve their objectives by creating an environment that will help them and their clients work together efficiently and effectively.

Who we are

Get Personalized Service for Your Business needs.

We know every organization is different, and we work with you to understand individual priorities and develop innovative solutions that make a positive difference to our clients. Our services range from telemarketing including but not limited to, inbound outbound calling / Sales/ Surveys Chat services as well as Data entry solutions and virtual assistance.
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Years of Experience

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High-End Marketing Solutions

BOSS is a high-end marketing solution company that prioritizes efficiency, creativity, and pace. Our clients’ companies expanded as a result of using our services. We take pride in our work ethic, honesty, and final performance

Our Vision

To produce purpose-driven talents that can boost business’ success, leveraging our outsourcing services.

Our Mission

To help companies scale their businesses through the support of our world-class talent and consulting services

Our Process

We have world class talent to assist businesses build sales and efficiency though lead generation and virtual assistance

Out sourcing:

Why Outsource To BOSS?

At Boss we ensure seamless, productive and efficient inbound/ outbound call center services that you can trust. Here are some reasons why you can rely on us:

Success is not a solo journey, it's the harmonious symphony of diverse talents, united by a common purpose.

Mark Muffalo

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Our Inbound call center services are aimed to provide an uplifting customer experience so that our customers get more sales. Our competent sales agents have extensive experience in handling different call situations.

Our Core Value:

BOSS Core Values:

Back Office Solutions is committed to delivering high-quality services that are based on a set of core values thatguide the company’s operations. These core values include: